Win a Home! – 5 Tickets


5 Ticket Entry – Win a house!



5 Ticket Entry – Win a home! – Rules Apply

  • You may make as many Entries into the Competition as you wish, subject to complying with the terms of this Agreement in respect of each Entry.
  • You may not have any contact in any shape or form with the occupants of the competition house or you shall be liable to forfeit your ticket/s entry.
  • You must be aged 18 or over and a resident of the UK. You must not be connected with or related to Us, the Seller or anyone else connected with this Competition.
  • Each Entry must be made on the attached Entry Form and accompanied by the Entry Fee or the free entry via post.
  • We will not accept any Entries once the Competition has Closed. We do not accept responsibility for late, lost, damaged, incomplete or illegible entries. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.
  • The Competition will be Closed once either:
    • the number of Entries reaches the Limit (the Competition has “Sold Out”); or
    • the Competition Period expires (the Competition has “Timed Out”).
  • Within [7] days of the Competition having Closed, We will select a Winner from among the eligible Entries.
  • We will notify the Winner immediately, together with details of the Prize.
  • If You are the Winner, You will comply with all of the Winner’s obligations as set out in this Agreement.
  • The Winner will be awarded the Prize, which will consist of either:
    • if the Competition has Sold Out, the “Option” to proceed to have the Property transferred to the Winner in accordance with this Agreement; or
    • if the Competition has Timed Out, a cash sum equivalent to 80% of the total Entry Fees or (at our absolute discretion) the Option.
  • The Winner must both:
    • acknowledge this notification in writing to Us within [30] days of receipt of notification; and
    • where the Prize consists of the Option, the Winner must additionally exercise the Option in writing to Us within 30 days of receipt of notification;
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